Dodge Car Key Replacement

Dodge Car Key Replacement

America is known for producing high-end good quality cars, and Dodge Automotives is proof of that. Founded in the 1900s by the Dodge brothers, it is a division of Stellantis based in Michigan, and it is well known for producing performance cars. Thus, owning one or several Dodge models is a source of.great pride.

For most car owners, their car is like their child, and they tend to take excellent care of them. We understand how frustrating it is to lose a car key therefore, Burnhams Locksmith LLC offers Dodge car key replacement at a pocket-friendly cost.

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What our customers say

Netasha Clark
Netasha Clark
Very professional and kind. The customer service was superb. The locksmith was empathetic about my situation. He got me back into my vehicle fast. He arrived quickly. He also helped me to get reimbursed from my insurance company by letting me know that it was an option and sending a receipt to my email. I will totally recommend and use them in the future if needed.
Scott Ebright
Scott Ebright
Very honest, fast, and courteous. Low prices and friendly service.
Shanna Rascoe
Shanna Rascoe
Just had some amazing service! John was very quick and very courteous. Had car re-keyed at a very reasonable price. Definitely recommend calling if you need keys!
Kirk Fine
Kirk Fine
Zack did a great job. Fast and professional. Impressed with the scheduling. Only complaint would be that I paid for overnight on a Friday, got the fob on Tuesday. Would have expected no later than Monday. Not a big deal.
Junior Mcbride
Junior Mcbride
Took care of me. Great hospitality and within affordable price.
Deborah Novak
Deborah Novak
What a nice and professional young man! He was determined to open my Audi car door. Zack showed concern for me and my 3 female colleagues that we remain safe as we waited and as we drove away. Thank you very much for sending Zack to help me last night !
Brandon Steed
Brandon Steed
Came through for me in a huge emergency had my car started in a matter of minutes Great personality John did a great job so thankful that he was able to help me in a bind would refer them to everyone I know
I had a great experience there! They were so kind and fixed my issue in a fast manner.
James Morre
James Morre
I've been going through a problem with my car for about 7 months Burnhams locksmith fixed the problem immediately I have never been so overwhelmed with happiness since my kids was born Beautiful Excellent services definitely recommend Calling this company for any locksmith problems
Jeanetta Taylor
Jeanetta Taylor
This company is the best!!! My car would not start over the weekend and i have a push to start so i knew it was a key programming issue.. i called burnhams locksmith they were very upfront about pricing… They were accurate and reliable in terms of how long it would take to come out and get my car back running. My locksmith John was incredible and very knowledgeable!

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Dodge Car Model List

There are over 10 Dodge car models. Dodge is still producing the models like Challenger, pickup truck Durango, and Charger. Models such as Avenger, Caliber, Caravan, Dakota, Dart, and Grand caravan have been discontinued, but this does not mean that you will not find them in the market for several years to come. Moreover, Burnhams Locksmith LLC can still help you replace lost keys for discontinued models.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Dodge Car Key?

As we have established, it is possible to replace a lost Dodge car key. It is essential to put into account the options you have when replacing lost keys, which you will choose what’s best for you.

Most of the time, a locksmith will charge you anywhere between $150 to $400 to replace Dodge keys. If you choose to work with a dealer, they will charge you anywhere between 10% to 15% less than the locksmiths, and the total fee will be higher due to towing costs.

These factors will also affect the cost of dodge key fob replacement:

  • The time of day or night you require the services and your location
  • Whether it is the original ignition or not
  • The type of key
  • Whether the code to cut the new key is available
  • The car model and the year it was manufactured

How Do I Replace a Dodge Car Key?

In the modern age of technology, most people make use of tutorials to learn DIY tricks. Although this is a good idea in order to save a lot of money, it is not advisable for Dodge car key replacement. You must be sure you know what you are doing if you decide to go ahead and make yourself a car key.

If you don’t know how to do it, you should seek the services of a Dodge dealership or a professional locksmith who will replace your Dodge car key in no time. You can give your details and order a car key or remote online but you must make sure you have given the correct information because one mistake may ruin everything.

Burnham’s locksmith LLC is a reputable company that will help you replace your dodge car keys quickly. We use high-quality equipment and deliver affordable, fast, and efficient service. Don’t hesitate to call as we are ready to serve you anytime.

Can I Replace Dodge Car Keys Using VIN?

VIN stands for a Vehicle Identification Number, which comprises 17 characters used to identify your car. Although the placement of VIN varies from models and companies, it is usually located at a visible spot, such as on the dashboard at the driverside. In connection, it will be relatively easy to replace a dodge car key using VIN.

The first step of replacement is to locate and note down the VIN and your address, and other specific details. Secondly, you should contact online shops that cut and sell dodge car keys. They will require you to send this information. Once they have it, they will cut and ship the key to you at a very affordable cost.

If you were using a non-transponder key, you are good to go, but for a transponder key, you must consult a dealer or locksmith professionals such as Burnhams Locksmith LLC so that they code it for your car.

Can the Dealership Provide a New Dodge Car Key?

You can get a new car key from a Dodge dealership, but you will have to tow your car to their site and it will be costly. That is why if you lose a dodge car key, it is better to consult your local professional locksmith for key replacement.

Replacing lost or malfunctioning keys is not the primary function of dealerships thus, you may be forced to schedule an appointment. This may not be useful in case of an emergency car lock-out.

Burnhams Locksmith LLC has highly skilled professional locksmiths who work around the clock. You can reach out to us in case of emergencies, and our team will be at the site within the shortest time possible. Not only that, but we also provide fast and efficient services.

We will give you a free price quote before we start the job so that you are aware of the figures involved. We are also pocket-friendly as we charge fair prices for high-quality services.

Do I Need the Original Dodge Car Key for Replacement?

Dodge car key replacement does not require the original key and once you replace it, the code will be changed. All the old transponder keys become useless and cannot operate the car. You can use the original key to make duplicates to always have a spare key.

You will need the vehicle registration number so that a dealer or locksmith professional can access your car’s information to code and program new keys. Alternatively, you can send this information to online shopping platforms, and they will have a new key made and delivered to you.

Can I replace my Dodge Car Key Remote?

Burnhams locksmith LLC can replace your Dodge fob remote. Unless you drive a very old model, most new Dodge brands come with keyless entry remotes or push-to-start buttons.

Although these remotes have become necessary, they can be very costly to repair when lost or broken. Before contacting Burhhams Locksmith LLC for replacement, ensure that your insurance package covers replacing lost keys.

In most cases, the locksmiths will have the necessary equipment and skills to program a new fob remote. You must consult the dealer for the most complicated fob remotes, or else the key won’t work.

Does Burnhams Locksmith Replace Lost Dodge Car Keys?

Burnhams Locksmith LLC should be your one-stop shop for all your Dodge car key needs. We replace lost keys and install new locks for all Dodge models. We work around the clock to serve you any time of the day or night you need us.

We offer high-quality services at affordable rates. Once you contact us, you don’t have to worry anymore as our experts will pack all they need and come to your location.

Replacing a lost key should be the last option once you’ve carefully searched for the keys unsuccessfully. The first thing you should do is remain calm so that you can reason. Do not waste time searching for the keys in places they cannot be. Instead, try to retrace your steps from the moment to the time and place you remember seeing the keys last. You can start by looking for your Dodge car keys in the areas you frequently place them.

Avoid giving yourself false hope once you are sure they are missing. It is time to consult a locksmith for Dodge car keys replacement. Ensure that you choose a reputable company whose services you can trust. Do not give your car information to random people online who claim to cut and program Dodge car keys as they may use this information to steal your car.

Does Burnhams Locksmith Provide Emergency Car Key services?

What if your car fails to start or you have emergency lockout issues in the middle of the road? Who should you call for help? Burnhams Locksmith LLC should be your go-to for all car key-related emergencies.

We are available in emergency and ready to help you with your car-related services, such as lock installation carkeys, fob keys, and remote replacement. Our prices are pocket-friendly, and our team will come to you so you will not incur towing costs.