Honda Car Key Replacement

Honda Car Key Replacement

Honda is a car manufacturer that has been producing quality cars for decades. If you buy a car, they will provide a spare set of keys. No matter how careful you are in life, a car key replacement is still needed.

Burnhams Locksmith LLC foresees that there are times you will need a Honda key replacement. We offer this service at an affordable cost to your advantage. We have a team of highly professional and efficient locksmiths to ensure you have a new set of car keys in no time.

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What our customers say

Netasha Clark
Netasha Clark
Very professional and kind. The customer service was superb. The locksmith was empathetic about my situation. He got me back into my vehicle fast. He arrived quickly. He also helped me to get reimbursed from my insurance company by letting me know that it was an option and sending a receipt to my email. I will totally recommend and use them in the future if needed.
Scott Ebright
Scott Ebright
Very honest, fast, and courteous. Low prices and friendly service.
Shanna Rascoe
Shanna Rascoe
Just had some amazing service! John was very quick and very courteous. Had car re-keyed at a very reasonable price. Definitely recommend calling if you need keys!
Kirk Fine
Kirk Fine
Zack did a great job. Fast and professional. Impressed with the scheduling. Only complaint would be that I paid for overnight on a Friday, got the fob on Tuesday. Would have expected no later than Monday. Not a big deal.
Junior Mcbride
Junior Mcbride
Took care of me. Great hospitality and within affordable price.
Deborah Novak
Deborah Novak
What a nice and professional young man! He was determined to open my Audi car door. Zack showed concern for me and my 3 female colleagues that we remain safe as we waited and as we drove away. Thank you very much for sending Zack to help me last night !
Brandon Steed
Brandon Steed
Came through for me in a huge emergency had my car started in a matter of minutes Great personality John did a great job so thankful that he was able to help me in a bind would refer them to everyone I know
I had a great experience there! They were so kind and fixed my issue in a fast manner.
James Morre
James Morre
I've been going through a problem with my car for about 7 months Burnhams locksmith fixed the problem immediately I have never been so overwhelmed with happiness since my kids was born Beautiful Excellent services definitely recommend Calling this company for any locksmith problems
Jeanetta Taylor
Jeanetta Taylor
This company is the best!!! My car would not start over the weekend and i have a push to start so i knew it was a key programming issue.. i called burnhams locksmith they were very upfront about pricing… They were accurate and reliable in terms of how long it would take to come out and get my car back running. My locksmith John was incredible and very knowledgeable!

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Types of Honda Car Keys

There are various types of Honda car keys that you may be forced to replace if you lost them. The old Honda models use standard car keys that do not require programming for replacement.

Newer Honda cars use transponder keys, key fob, and car key remotes. If you lose them, a standard key cannot work without the programmed chip as the car’s antitheft system will activate.

How Much Does it Cost for Honda Car Key Replacement?

The average cost for Honda car key replacement ranges between $150 to $200. Dealerships charge less for the services but you should pay to tow your car thus, the total cost is usually higher than a locksmith’s.

When you contact a local professional locksmith for car key replacement, they will send a mobile unit to you. Unlike the process of dealers, you don’t need to pay towing fees anymore. The cost is only limited to the service you’d like to avail.

Whether you choose a Honda car dealer or locksmith, time and location will also affect the cost. Standard charges apply when you need car key replacement at regular hours. On the other hand, if you have car key issues at night, then the charge is definitely expensive. The closer of your location to a dealer or locksmith, the less you will spend.

Can the Dealer Program a New Key?

Can the Dealer Program a New Key?
If you lose your Honda key, going to the dealer for a new key may seem like a good option. Honda car dealers will give you a new key as long as you produce proof of ownership and VIN. It will cost you a lot of money, and take more time before you get a replacement.

Professional locksmiths can get the job done as soon as possible. They are actually the best choice as they will send a mobile team to your location and cut a new key for your car. They can solve the problem immediately.

Burnhams locksmith professionally trained the locksmiths. If you contact us, our experts ensure safety while providing you efficient services. We guarantee to solve your key issues no matter where you are. Your security is our concern thus, our staff carries identification.

Although you can ask the dealer for a new key still, there are several advantages you can get from a locksmith. Avail car key programming in a fast, efficient and affordable way.

Does My Honda Car Key have a Chip?

Most Honda cars that were made in the past 20 years have a programmed chip in the plastic part of the key. Unfortunately, car keys look the same. You can’t judge the physical features all the time to identify if your car key has a chip.

Honda car keys made after 1999 have a chip on their keys. You can also determine by reading the car owner’s manual. It contains all the details about your car model, the year it was manufactured, and the type of key Honda provided.

On the other hand, you can also call the dealers where you bought your car. The salesperson who attended to you can assist you in this inquiry. They can tell if the car you bought uses a regular key or the one that contains a chip.

Keys that contain a programmed chip are more expensive and take more time to replace. The advantage is that these keys are very reliable in terms of security. They are known to provide one of the unique features because your car’s antitheft program recognizes them.

How Long Does it Take For a Honda Car Keys Replacement?

It takes around 10 to 30 minutes to replace lost Honda car keys. Whether you work with a car dealer or a locksmith, it is still dependent on the type of key to be replaced. There are several types of keys so it is vital to know what key you have.

If you are using an old Honda car model, key replacement is direct and immediate. All the dealer or locksmith has to do is cut a key that matches your locks and ignition, and you are ready to go. As long as the necessary machines are available, this process takes only about 10 minutes. 

Transponder car keys, key fobs, and car key remotes require programming. After the key cutting process, the technicians must program a chip for it. Lastly, they will also program your onboard computer using the new code.

Burnhams locksmith is a well-known company when it comes to replacing Honda car keys. Our technicians have all the equipment required to cut and program a new car key, car fobs, and car key remotes.

Does Burnhams Locksmith Replace Lost Honda Car Keys?

Lost Honda car key replacement is one of the services we offer. If you contact us, we require you to give us details of your car model, name, the year it was manufactured, and the VIN. With this information, we can retrieve your keycode and use it to cut a new car key for you.

Once we cut the key, provide us your location so that our technicians can come and program the key chip onsite using your onboard computer. We will also program your computer using the new code so that your ignition can recognize the new key.

Our technicians are fast and efficient. They use top-notch equipment to cut and program a new key for your car so that you can back on track on the road immediately.

We advise that you hide the old key before the replacement process. Once the new programmed key is in place, your old key will not work. It is best to look for the lost key vividly before deciding to replace it.

Losing your car keys will affect your daily transportation. Having a trusted company to assist you with the replacement guarantees immediate and reliable solutions. Once you are sure your keys are lost, it is time to contact Burnhams locksmiths. 

Do I still Need My Original Honda Car Key for Replacement?

No, you don’t need your original Honda car key for replacement. The downside of this takes a long time to replace a new one. On the other hand, having the original car key can make the process faster as technicians will only duplicate your original key.

People replace car keys even if they don’t have the original. The locksmith requires your keycode, which is available on file. After that, they can easily cut a key to fit your locks and ignition before programming it using your onboard computer.

Does Burnhams Locksmith Replace Honda Car Key’s FOB?

A honda car key fob is one of the newest additions to car keys. It contains a push-to-start button and keyless entry that allows you to operate your car without using the keys. As time goes by, car companies transposed their fob keys with more complicated programs. Cheaper options of fobs online are probably incompatible with your car due to the extensive system that companies employed to the device.

If you wanted to save money, affordable versions of fobs are possible replacements. It only requires you to program it to the Honda dealer. Another option to spend less is to go to a locksmith company.

At Burnhams locksmith, we know that your fob key is essential. Therefore, if you need our help, we have a team of experts who will program it for you. We program it to your onboard computer so you can start using it immediately.

Can I Use VIN for Honda Car Key Replacement?

The vehicle identification number is a combination of 17 characters specifically assigned for your vehicle. It can be found on the dashboard on a sticker placed at the drivers’ side or on the engine. The purpose of this is to immediately recognize your car.

If you lose your car keys, Burnhams Locksmith can use the VIN, car model name, and manufacturing date to make a new Honda car key. This is used to retrieve your key code from online databases to cut a corresponding new key. Meaning, this is another way to easily replace your car key.

Ensure that you give the correct details because if the code is wrong then the newly cut key won’t work.

Can Burnhams Locksmith Help Replace or Repair Honda Car Key Ignition?

You may need to repair or replace your Honda car key ignition if it fails to start or turn. Reasons this happens due to the wrong key usage or locked steering. On the other hand, a Honda car key may break while it’s still in the ignition.

Our company will come to your location and solve your Honda car key ignition problems at anaffordable cost. We will guide you on how to avoid such issues from occurring in the future.